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Privacy & Disclosures


All information contained within this Offering Presentation is of a proprietary nature and deemed Explicitly Confidential. The information is being shared with selected entities and individuals to allow the analysis of our Offering and the feasibility of their participation in this rare and exclusive opportunity for the purchase and development of the noted land parcels, and ultimately the construction, marketing and sales of new homes within the final phases of our Master Planned Golfing Community.

Be advised that this Offering Presentation addresses only the specific land parcels as described, and excludes all land classified as golf course corridors and buffers, practice areas, and all land on which the Golf Club facilities and other community amenities are located. These areas are not part of this Offering, and are not available for purchase.

This information is solely intended for the review of the party or parties with whom it has been shared by Carolina Lots and Land, SP, a licensed North Carolina Broker. The information shall not be made available for review by any individual or entity other than the intended recipient party/parties without the express written consent of Carolina Lots and Land, SP. Should you not be the intended recipient, or you have received this Offering Presentation in error, in any format, please make us aware of the delivery and destroy the Offering.

Please be advised that the Offering and all information contained within is a summary of potentially unverified details, maps and renderings, surveys, and data. Obtained from and prepared by sources we feel are reliable, be aware that Carolina Lots and Land, SP and the property owner, Mill Creek Development Company, LLC, makes no representations nor warranties whatsoever as related to the accuracy or extent of the provided information, including any future financial performance, presence of contaminating substances, size and measurements of the property, and other details.

As with any Offering such as we have shared with you, the content and information contained within is not a substitute for comprehensive due diligence evaluation. Although the information within the Offering reflects the Seller’s well researched and detailed suggestions for land use and illustrated site layouts, and their own vision for the themes, designs, and guidelines for potential purchase and development partners, be aware that materials do not reflect any express or implied acceptance of preliminary planning by any Town, County, or State agencies potentially involved in future entitlement activities for the subject properties addressed within this Offering Presentation.

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